ABAMX Draft 2k20
Jul 18, 5:00 PM PDT
2020 ABA Mexico Online Players Draft
¨Keep the dream alive¨ #TheABABridge #ElPuenteDelFuturo


· All players who register will have the opportunity to play for one of the teams in the Mexican ABAMX International league this September thru October 2020.


· The league is open to all players, we allow a full roster of international players, this will give all professional international players the opportunity to play in Mexico and expose their talents to all Latin American National leagues.

· This is a first of its kind, never before there has been a Mexico league where there can be all 12 players from another nationality represent the Mexican City where professional basketball is played, the rules have always been 3 imports up to 4 max, we at the ABAMx have opened up the entire roster to the team's owners to select the strongest possible team to have the highest competitive league in Latin America's history.

· If you get selected, you will be a part of history, and represent your self at a very high competitive basketball level where your talent will be exposed to many scouts and professional regional teams, and national leagues.

·  We will expand in 2021 to more cities and eventually go national level with the ABAMX league.

·  This draft will be a first in Mexico, we will do it online at www.abamx.com,

the teams will take turns to select the players who have registered to be apart of the draft.

· When a player registers we will send an e-mail and make a call to the player directly to welcome him and ask for there information to create his player page.

·  Each player that enters the draft will have his own page within the www.abamx.com/playersname to promote his highlight videos, pictures, curriculum, and his professional or college experience.

·  By entering the draft you will also be eligible to play in future Tourney's


·  We will travel to compete in other country's as well after the season ends.

·  The players drafted in this year's draft will get the contact information once they have been selected July 18th, if they wish to proceed to play, then they will be a part of the team who selected them.

·  The ABA Mexico League will have rules like no other to protect the players, we will make sure the player is treated with respect and honor the agreements by team owners.

·  We are a new league and will have a new concept with most of the teams for the salaries,  send us a message if you like to know before you enter the draft...

· This is, for now, a stepping stone to play in bigger leagues, but we know we will be the league to play at in the next 3 years, but for now we need you as you need us, we can work together to make this happen, all we need is your full support and your amazing work ethic to represent our community's and set high professional standards.

·  If you want to play international basketball, well here is your chance now, sign up, fill out the information form, and be ready to get drafted.

Best Regards

Roberto Carlos Garcia Crook

ABA Mexico CEO


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