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In 2017, it was officially announced on ESPN that a unique project was born: ABA Mexico, #TheFutureBridge.


The CEO of ABA USA, Mr. Joe Newman, announced that

Roberto Carlos Garcia Crook, born in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico, would be the new commissioner of ABA Mexico and all of Latin America, with the goal of expanding ABA globally and providing more opportunities for American and Latin American players.


The project has been in development and in 2023, the Northern Region will be the first official step to begin developing the most competitive league in all of Latin America.


The league will be played with the same rules as ABA USA, the only difference being the ball, which will be RED, WHITE, and GREEN to match the colors of the Mexican tricolor.

This opening stage will be the beginning of something spectacular for Mexican players and youth development. ABAMX Jr Kids and ABAMX Cares will be foundations for youth development.

In 2025, ABA Caribbean will open its doors and in 2025, ABA Central America will also do s